Miss this movie so much 😢

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Lmao!!! I miss this movie

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finally found a company with the jackets that are like that black one I want!!

the site is: tatteeboy.com

Use “RAHL” and you can get a 20% off discount

i know a lot of you guys wanted to find the jacket too.

(one of you should buy me one) cus im going broke already on this.


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Today, many companies offer their employees the option to work from home, even if they live relatively close to the office. As you can imagine, some unsupervised employees would sooner fill their day playing World Of Warcraft than actually working. This decision tree will help you decide if you should let your employees work remotely, or if they should be required to work in-house. 

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Found on - LINK

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jo by nick knight for vogue hommes japan 


jo calderone for vogue hommes japan

nick knight x nicola formichetti

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